Beauty habits that gave me the skin of my dreams


Ever since I was a little girl my mom taught me the importance of going to the dermatologist periodically and taking good care of my skin. But even with all of that and all of the creams and treatments she bought for me, my skin was a complete disaster.

I used to get like crazy big scars, really bad pigmentation, within other things.

Recently I discovered that, as many many people say: “Simple is sometimes better”. I changed my entire rutine to include things I felt comfortable doing every single day, and that, at the end of the day gave me the best results.

Here’s what I’m doing now, I hope it helps you as much as it helped me.

Important note: please consult a dermatologist or a specialist if you feel like you have a given problem that requires it

Drink an appropriate amount of water

Many people think that theres a fixed amount of water that every single human being should drink per day, which is generally either 8 glasses of water or 2L. In my well educated opinion (I’ve consulted with more than one doctor and read a lot on the topic), the amount of water we have to drink every day varies according to the amount of physical activity we do, how much we sweat, our food intake, age, weight, and a lot of other variables. Therefore I encourage you to look up the amount of water recommended according to your specific needs.

A simple rule of thumb that a doctor taught me long time ago is that you can tell if you’re drinking the adequate amount of water by looking at the color of your pee. It should always be like the color of lemonade. (Again, this is just an advice a doctor gave me, but every person is different)

Exercise on a regular basis

I know you’ve heard this time and time again, but the thing is, it really works. When we exercise not only do we release an incredible amount of toxins, but we also release a lot of hormones that in turn help us be in a positive state of mind. Belive it or not, when we have a positive state of mind, or as I like to call it, zen state, we are more likely to have a beautiful glowing skin.

This is something that has been proven, and there’s actually a whole branch in medicine called “psychosomatic medicine”. This basically means that they are doctors that treat diseases caused by our mental health, or lack of it that is.

Sunscreen is your best friend

Of course this one had to be on the list. As many of you may know, sun helps our body to produce active vitamine D, which is super important to us, but at the same time, it may damage our cell’s DNA, which in turn makes the process of cellular reproduction a little funky.

Not only is sunscreen important because it avoids pigmentation, wrinkles and tons of other things that make our skin look bad, but it also, and most importantly protects us against more than one type of cancer.

Here I want to add that, sunscreen should be applied according to the instructions given by specialists, and that, even though it does protect us, that doesn’t mean that we should be exposed to direct sunlight all day long just because we’re “protected”. There’s just so much sunscreen can do for us, so we shouldn’t abuse.

Wash your face day and night

I can’t even describe how important it is to clean our face during our morning rutine and before we go to bed. It avoids clogged pores and also eliminates toxins and pollutants that we accumulate during our daily life.

I know a lot of people love to use wipes or pads, which I absolutely respect. Nonetheless, I like to actually wash my face with a special face wash and then rinse it with tons of water, because only doing it this way do I feel that I actually removed all of the unwanted stuff. I see it as hand sanitizer, it is great and everything, but, it leaves dead bacteria and cells in our hands still. But that’s just personal preference



I´ve always had dry skin, so moisturizing has been a huge part of my morning and night rutine ever since I was a little girl, and trust me, the difference is monumental when I stop doing it, even if it’s just for a day.

I used to love body lotions and all sorts of creams, but ever since I started using coconut oil three years ago I fell in love with it. It might be a little uncomfortable at first bec ause it takes a lot longer for it to absorb, but the results are breathtaking. I get tons of complements now about how soft and silky my skin feels now.